5 Interesting Things: Esports Edition Part 1!

5 Interesting Things is a new page bringing you interesting facts you may not have known previously! Ever wanted to impress a girl by telling her that the male praying mantis gets eaten by the female after copulation? Or have you ever wanted to let a Football and Premier League fan know that Gabriel Jesus is the most selected player in Fantasy Premier League History? Ever had to do one of those horrible ice breakers in a new group of people and you managed to mumble that you like looking at sheep on a farm? Well, then you have found the right site! Follow along for interesting facts to share with people.

Without any further ado, lets get into it! E-Sports edition!

  1. Defence of the Ancients, or more commonly known as DOTA is a wildly popular game that has millions of monthly players. The upcoming DOTA 2 tournament, The International 2022, will have a prize pool of $45m (The Sportsgrail). Thats a lot of boodle. Roland Garros comparatively had a prize pool of $46.7m (The Sporting News). Absolutely bonkers.
  2. According to Dawn.com, the most watched eSports event of all time was the 2021 Free Fire World Series, attracting 5.41 million peak viewers. Popular.
  3. The League of Legends 2019 trophy case was designed by Louis Vuitton, and took over 900 hours of work to create. It’s called fashion honey, look it up. (HypeBeast)
  4. Professional eSports athletes are afforded the same rights and privileges as professional sportsman in the USA, such as NBA stars. Meaning they have the same taxation and right to enter the county (IDTech). Jaw-dropping…
  5. The Fusion Arena, a space to come and watch Esports live in Philadelphia, USA, is costing $50m and will be able to accommodate 3500 fans (IDtech). Ground breaking.

I hope you guys enjoyed some facts about eSports! If you like it let me know and I will post a part 2!

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