Interesting Things – Animal Edition

I love animals and always, will, but boy are there some interesting creatures out there in the world. This post is kickstarting off the interesting animals series!

  1. You must obviously know by now that all humans all have a unique fingerprint. Well due to the fact that you asked, lets share an interesting fact about mans best friend – a dog for those of you who do not get the reference. All dogs have a unique nose print. Security.
  2. The other common domestic animal owned by many a family, the regal and enigmatic cat, has 32 muscles in each ear. Do you even purrrr, bro?
  3. The caracal was the origin of the phrase ‘put the cat among the pigeons’. This was because in ancient Iran and India they used to put a caracal among the pigeons and then wager how many it would take down. Poor Pigeons.
  4. Ever wondered how someone seemed to get away with murder? Wonder no more. Koala Fingerprints are so close to a humans, that police in Australia feared they may taint crime scenes. Police have already been worried they have already interfered in investigations. The perfect alibi.
  5. The crack of dawn is a lovely time to be up and about, just ask the friendly Rooster whom tilt their heads back to stop themselves from going deaf when they crow. Protection.

Thanks to the following for the info:

  • Amimal Medical Clinc (1, 2)
  • Safari bookings (3)
  • BestLifeOnline (4)
  • Pinkvilla (5)

Thanks for reading!


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