Interesting Things – Cultural Edition

Here at Interesting Things, we don’t just want to give you the information to impress your friends and loved ones, but to also impress prospective employers and cultured individuals. Maybe trying out some of the following at the next house jol or soiree may help in this regard. The series will highlight culture, art, media and maybe just some cool facts about a country!

  1. The traditional name for Victoria falls, which is located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, is Mosi-oa-tunya. This means the ‘Smoke that Thunder’ and as you can imagine, is a pretty apt name.
  2. The Mona Lisa has her own mailbox in the Louvre due to the amount of love letters she received. What’s a mailbox?
  3. The Romans purposefully crafted statues with detachable heads so that they could replace the one head with another depending on which leader or hero was more popular at the time. Ingenuity at its finest.
  4. Archeologists found that when the Mayan’s wanted to offer a sacrifice to the rain gods, they would paint the sacrifice blue.
  5. We all love a good Turkey, but turns out some people like it more than most. During Thanksgiving in the USA, 704 million pounds of Turkey are consumed. I think Joey Tribbiani is responsible for a decent part of that.

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