Interesting Things! Animal Edition Part 2!

You may be wondering why I am back on the animal bandwagon today. Well, that’s due to the abundance of interesting, weird and spectacular tidbits that one can learn about animals!

1) A snail can sleep for three years. Boy do I get this chap lately.

2) I love a good slice of bacon or kassler chop. Judging by the size of pigs in China, where one man owns a rather large pig weighing in at 1102 pounds, I would very much like it there.

3) There are roughly 50 000 spiders per green acre. Now an acre is roughly 4046,86 square meters. I’m no mathematician, but that’s a lot of spiders…

4) An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain. Well, no wondering if it keeps pecking the sand and ground like that.

5) Fleas can jump 350 times it’s body weight. I definitely hit the wrong gym.

Facts taken from:

(The dodo, Bestlife, Animal Rescue Professional, Animal medical)


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