Interesting Things – Sport Edition!

What better way to start the weekend off then getting some facts ready for the brain bank? In honour of the Bokke trying to right the wrongs of last week, we dedicate this post to some rugby facts! Enjoy!

1) The first test match our beloved Springboks ever played was on the 30th of July 1891 against a touring side from the British Isles. Think they have a recording of that?

2) The most points ever scored by a Springbok team was 134. A good ol walloping that.

3) There are over 6,600,000 registered rugby players worldwide, of which South Africa leads (in terms of registered) with over 651 000 players.

4) According to some historians, the game we now know as rugby was initially played by the romans over 2000 years ago, but with a rather different name. In Latin, the name was Harpastum, which is derived from the Greek term for seize.

5) Rugby Union was, rather bizarrely, only classified as a professional sport in 1995. Strange.

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2 responses to “Interesting Things – Sport Edition!”

  1. Enjoyed those – especially the origins of rugby being Roman! Thanks for interesting info xx


  2. trishannmitchell avatar

    Very interesting info! Love the origins of rugby being Roman 🏉!!

    LYTIPOAB, Mom xxxxx

    Sent from Trish Mitchell



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