Interesting Things – Sport Edition Part 2!

It is that time of the week, the dreaded Monday, where we head back to work and start the week afresh. It does not all have to be bleak! You have found the right place to scare those Monday blues away!

  1. Some individuals are born to do certain things, to be certain people. Erling Haaland was born to put the ball in the back of the net as shown by this incredible statistic. He is now the fastest player to score three hat-tricks in the premier league, doing so in eight games. The previous record only took Michael Owen 48 games. Mind-shattering.
  2. Apparently in 1994, Bulgaria had the only Football team where the last names of the players ended in ‘OV’. Coincidence?
  3. A golf ball has on average 336 dimples. Thats a lot of dimples.
  4. Ah, Rugby. A game of immense hits, big beasts and passionate fans. However, being a fan in the Northern Hemisphere must be tough, as England is the only team from that hemisphere to ever win the competition.
  5. Padel is one of the fastest growing sports Worldwide, with new courts springing out of the woodwork all the time. It has apparently grown enough to be more popular than Tennis worldwide!

(Challenge Trophies, Fun Facts About, Padel Tennis Hub)


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