Interesting Things – Animal Edition Part 3

We are back baby! Been a while, but with the finishing of my Masters I am ready to dive right back into the blogging! So lets get back to a personal favourite topic of mine, interesting animals!

  1. Hummingbirds are the only bird that can fly backwards. Have the others not heard of the reverse gear?
  2. We have one nose luckily enough, however the slimy slug has four!
  3. The Slow Ioris is the only venomous primate. This is due to a toxin they secrete from a gland in their inner arm. Some of their bites have caused death in humans! Beware the cute and cuddly creature!
  4. The Sea Otter is adept at using some tools, frequently using rocks to crack open prey like snails. Rise of the plant of the Otters?
  5. Just like their human counterparts, some dolphins love to get high. They do this by deliberately handling pufferfish which can produce a narcotic effect for them! The Devils Pufferfish.

(Animal Animal)


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