Interesting Things – Sports Edition Part 3!

Welcome back to another Sports Edition Post! Hope it helps scare those Monday blues away!

  1. With the upcoming FIFA World Cup, it may be of benefit for you to know that only six of all the World Cups have been won by the host nation. However I seriously think that Qatar will not be the seventh.
  2. The Olympics. The pinnacle of an athletes career, with the elite vying for that Gold Medal and first place podium finish. Only to realise that the last time the medals were solid gold was 1912.
  3. Squash was voted the healthiest sport to play according to Forbes Magazine. This was due to the sport improving muscle strength, endurance and flexibility!
  4. Moving onto cricket, there has only been one player to ever hit a six off the first ball of a test match. This honour belongs to the heavy hitting Chris Gayle. Who else?
  5. To end off, we can talk about the Golf Ball issue in the United States. 300 million balls are lost or discarded every year, in just the US. That is a lot of balls wasted.

(Circa Las Vegas) (Cricket Web) (Good Nick Squash) (Bleacher Report)


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