Interesting Things – Conspiracy Theories

Do you know that if you keep on moving to the edge of the world you’ll fall off? Remember covid? I heard from a friend that they were just letting the pigeons recharge their batteries and needed an excuse. People can believe some strange things folks, such as the following!

  1. The Covid-19 vaccine has a 5G chip in it. Seriously folks, I know.
  2. Maybe not a conspiracy theory, well that is what ‘bigfoot’ is sorry peeps,. Though there have apparently been 2032 ‘bigfoot’ sightings in Washington. I want what they are on.
  3. Let it go, let it gooooooooo….. I think you know the movie. People believe that the Walt Disney Company created the movie Frozen so that when people searched up “Disney Frozen” on Google, it would change the search algorithm.
  4. Some people believe that Denver airport is the headquarters of the secret rulers of the world. Shadows.
  5. Lastly, to round it off, we can talk about the fact that Prince Charles is a vampire. The Prince of Wales is related to Vlad the Impaler, while there are many royals whom are known to have the disease Porphyria. That is an iron deficiency that causes people to be sensitive to sunlight. Dracula reborn.

Popular Mechanics. Popular Mechanics.


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